Tuesday, November 16, 2010

living outside the mind

Odds are you're like most other westerner: you live by the mind, you experience life through your mind and if your mind is not in it, it doesn't exist.
But what would life seem like, if you didn't evaluate everything with your mind? Is it even possible?

Yes it is. You can experience life directly without any evaluation or judgement. The surprising thing is actually that you find it hard. We are flesh and biology before we are mind. But by now, in this time and age, we're all, everyone of os, minds. We don't experience our bodies, we don't really live our feelings. Instead we are navigating meme-structures that we've been maintaining since the first trick hit us the first time.

But, you are NOT your mind. You are either the entirety of your being, or nothing at all.

Have you thought about it? Really thought about it? If you really have thought about it, then your missing the point, because thinking about a life without thinking, is really not a possibility. Either you try to let go of the mind and experience. Or you hold on to you mind and devaluate any experience you have.

There is no inbetween. Get it?

If you THINK about life, your result will be more thoughts. And those thoughts will never be true. They are like shadows that seem real, until you reallyfocus and realise that they are like the clothes of the emperor: They are not really there.

And likewise with your thoughts. They are but shadows of reality, and if we believe the shadows, we will never see the reality behind them.

Obvious, isn't it ;) ?

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